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Yu Zhang Min Hao is the name of an excellent green tea with the smell of jasmine. Yu Zhang is the old name of the city of Nanchang while the words Min Hao mean "famous leaf". The green tea consists of the bud of the leaf which is covered with a fine white fluff as well as the next two leaves which h..
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Fragrant, light, green tea with a unique jasmine character and "pale" extract. It is drunk mainly in the afternoon, without milk or sugar. I like it a lot because the taste of jasmine is subtle and does not alter the taste of green tea.Even the location where this tea is produced is outstanding in n..
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An excellent jasmine tea with a rich aroma and strong aftertaste. It got its name from its shape that resembles the "eye of the palm tree". The phoenix in Chinese mythology holds an important place and symbolizes positive things such as strength, grace, duty, faith and mercy...
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Jasmine Pearls is the name of a rare green tea with the fragrance of jasmine flowers. It has a subtle jasmine aroma and an incomparable long-lasting taste. It is a top choice for lovers of green tea with jasmine. It is usually extracted up to four times. But there are some who extract it up to 7 tim..
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An excellent green tea with a strong scent of jasmine and an amazing aftertaste that lasts for a long time...
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China green tea in loose leaves with jasmine flavour and budseach box contains 50gr..
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Ceylon black tea with lemon peels bits and jasmine flowers..
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