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Bancha means "late harvest".  This particular tea is a fine quality stemless Bancha with large folded leaves...
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It is usually made from bancha leaves of the last summer harvest. It consists of many stems and leaves. The green leaves are "roasted" at a high temperature and acquire a copper color. Its taste reminds that of roasted nuts. It is quite low in caffeine which makes it ideal for children and people se..
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It belongs to the category of Sencha but differs in the production method. Before harvesting, is protected from the sun for about 2 weeks. This causes the amino acids (theanine and caffeine) to increase while the catechins decrease. It results in a sweeter taste and a characteristic subtle aroma...
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Genmaicha combines the benefits of green tea and the high nutritional value of roasted rice and puffed corn as a cereal. ..
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