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Pu Erh

Green Pu-erh tea leaves compressed, so they seem like very small "nests"..
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From the high and inaccessible mountains of Yunnan province. Soldiers used to carry the tea leaves in city "Pu-Erh" for the processing and sale. That's how, it is said, that tea got its name although the city did not produce tea.The special shape of nest is created from the compression of tea leaves..
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Pu-Erh tea in a nest shape. Its a very old way in order to maintain the tea leaves for long. Years ago, farmers in China used to be away from home for long time. That's when they thought to compress the tea leaves so they can maintain them for longer time and carry them easier. We suggest to cut a s..
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Big tea leaves in copper color. Strong taste, with earthy taste...
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A nice classic Pu-Erh. Good representative of Pu-Erh family..
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A nice Oolong tea of good quality which fermentation reaches green tea and has a light green colored infusion...
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A great black Pu-Erh from Yunnan province, China, thats has "golden" tips and is stored in order to mature after fermentationInfusion with strong "body" and "earthy" taste..
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