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You can find our entire collection of teas and accessories here in our online store. Additionally, you can visit our tea shop at Voulis 7, Syntagma, inside Bolani Arcade, Athens (tel. 210 3242777). In Piraeus, you can find our warehouse where you can pick up your orders, at Lysandrou 4, 2104212091. Some of our products are also available in supermarkets, coffee shops, and selected stores.
For each type of tea on our site, you will find detailed instructions.
For a more authentic taste, prefer your tea plain. Honey, sugar, lemon, or milk can change the taste but do not alter its properties.
It depends on the time you have to make your tea. When your time is limited, prefer tea bags. Otherwise, it's worth spending a little more time to make loose tea. Don't forget, tea always rewards the time you spend on it.
Loose tea can be found either packaged in bags, boxes, etc., or completely loose. 
Packaged tea should be in airtight packaging and protected from sunlight. Completely loose tea should be in well-sealed containers to protect it from moisture and not absorb odors from spices, coffee, etc. All types of tea and their qualities are not prepared in the same way or with the same water temperature. You should carefully choose your supplier, who should be knowledgeable enough to guide you correctly in both your choice and preparation instructions.
The substances in the tea you drink are contained in the dried leaves. These substances, released into hot water, are responsible for the tea's color, density, flavor, aroma, and properties. Therefore, the value you pay should correspond to the substances in the tea you buy.

Make tea from whole tea leaves, without preservatives, colorings, or flavor enhancers! Fill a glass pitcher with fresh water - 1 liter Add the leaves freely - do not use a strainer or filter -> black tea, rooibos 10g (4 teaspoons) -> green tea 8g (3 teaspoons) -> white tea 6g (4 tablespoons) -> herbs 15g (6 teaspoons) Cover the pitcher and leave it in the sun for at least 5 hours Strain into a glass bottle and refrigerate Consume within 5 days Extra tip: Make ice cubes from the same infusion to avoid diluting it with water ice cubes! Extra tip 2: Adjust the dosage according to the intensity of flavor you prefer!
When you select the products you wish to purchase and proceed to the checkout process, the system will automatically display the available options. Specifically, you can use:
Any credit card. With this option, your transaction is securely conducted on the EUROBANK site with which we collaborate.
Bank transfer. Note that in this case, we need to receive the deposit slip via email before sending your order.

Orders are shipped via ELTA COURIER or ACS. The shipping cost depends on the weight and volume of the package as well as the destination area. When you view your cart, you have the option "Shipping cost estimate". In any case, it is good to know that products travel at the buyer's risk and expense. Additionally, don't forget that if your purchase exceeds €50, shipping is free!