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About Us

Our company has been active since 1975 when Mr. Stefanos Papatzialas decided to dedicate himself to his passion for taste and professionally engage with tea and its culture. His goal was to make the most widespread beverage in the world after water, tea, more widely known in our country. Over the years and after many efforts, the individual business grew and developed all the activities of a true House of Tea.

In 1991, the Madras tea shop began operations with more than 400 types of teas, capable of satisfying even the most demanding customer, and also a very large variety of utensils that aid in the preparation and serving of tea, such as teapots, cups, strainers, etc. We now import our tea in large packages as well as in portion bags from almost all the tea-producing countries around the world.

We personally blend our teas to match the taste preferences of the consumers we target. This is a specialty that Mr. Papatzialas acquired during his long journey, traveling to producing countries, apprenticing, and receiving instructions from specialized tea tasters as well as from the largest international Tea Research Institutes with which he continues to collaborate. Today, he shares his knowledge and experience by training newer members of the business.

Thus, with the primary aim of ensuring the quality of our products, we chose to package them in the producing countries, where state-of-the-art machinery is available, which we use.

Our products are distributed in the domestic market and distinguished into wholesale and retail sales, as well as abroad with exports to neighboring Balkan countries and Europe.

You will find our tea propositions in products bearing our registered brand names:

Madras Brands

Madras™, products that stand out for their high quality and very competitive prices

Champion™, a collection of the rarest and most hard-to-find types of teas for connoisseurs

Pop’s Cup™, products with consistent quality but at extremely low prices

Chinese Dragon™, a variety that includes fine types of tea from all categories, primarily characterized by their origin from China

Tips & Buds™, a new collection of products with advanced airtight packaging that protects the precious ingredients, aroma, and taste, ensuring hygiene and freshness.

In each of our packages, you will find many details and more information than you knew about tea until now. We invite you, therefore, to get to know tea, the varieties, the qualities, the properties, the flavors, the special preparation method for each type of tea. It is certain that in the large variety of the Madras House of Tea, you will discover those that suit your taste preferences. A new experience that makes tea “the cup that cheers”...